Registration Process

photo-Version2.JPG.w300h224Once a parent/guardian has decided on home education, a number of important steps have to be taken to ensure that home education is “legal”. In Tasmania, children who have reached the age of five by January 1st and until the end of the year that they turn 16, should be either enrolled in school or registered with THEAC (Tasmanian Education Act 1994).

The parents/guardians must apply to home educate by following THEAC processes, which involves completing the Application for Home Education form, providing a certified copy of the child/ren’s birth certificate/s and an outline of the proposed education program, “Home Education Summary and Plan” or “HESP“. If a medical condition is impacting on the child’s ability to learn, the parent/guardian will be asked to provide relevant medical reports to support the program.

Council will consider the submitted application and attachments and inform families of either acceptance or a request for further information.

Once the program has been approved, families can inform the school (if the child has been attending), and start home educating. Children should remain in school (if attending) until the program has been approved and the family is granted a ‘Provisional’ status.

The registration process is generally accomplished within three months.

Step 1) Read the Information Kit

Step 2) Read the Guidelines for writing a HESP

Step 3) Complete the Registration Form

Step 5) Prepare your HESP. For ideas on how to address some of the Standards, read Sample HESP