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Hobart Home Educators Group
The Hobart Home Education Group has been established for a number of years to cater to the needs of home educators in the Hobart area.  It is a dynamic group that incorporates many different learning styles and methods, together with many social and educational opportunities.    Input from different members offers variety, support and the chance for new alternatives to be aired and experienced.  There are many groups associated with HHEG offering people the possibility to constantly grow and expand their learning opportunities.

We also have a regular newsletter that allows children the opportunity to share by ‘publishing’ their work and achievements.  This can be anything from projects completed, awards attained or experiences gained during outings, holidays, and stories and/or other written work.  Parents can contribute useful techniques, websites; any information that they find helpful and feel they want to share.

We offer regular outings/events where all are welcome to participate.  These can be socially and/or educationally driven allowing students’ experiences and alternatives to complement their learning and/or just to have fun and meet like-minded people.  For example, last year some of our events covered various theatrical and musical performances, excursions to various venues such as science centres, museums Hobart Airport, various sporting and outdoor learning opportunities and social events.  This year we plan to continue hands on science opportunities, sporting opportunities including subsidised swimming lessons twice a year, regular social meets together with various other events organised or advertised by members.  By working together we have enjoyed many varied and wonderful occasions.

Park Meets – Hobart 
The park meets are designed to allow students the opportunity to develop social skills through play and interactions with others.  Students get to meet new people, establish friendships, mix with children of various ages and learn how to interact and communicate.  They can choose to participate in a group or play individually.  As parents we also benefit as they work as a time out for us – a time to relax and stop work.  We also meet new people, make new friends and if required a support network is available through like-minded individuals.

These meets occur twice a week on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1-3pm.  They are relaxed, come when you want. 1-3 is a guide; the kids often direct the finish time. There is an opportunity to choose parks or an activity that you personally prefer if you wish and an added bonus – it’s free.

Home School Gymnastics – Kingborough
Big gym and skills starting at 10.15am – 11.45am. Kindagym starts at 10.45am – 11.45am.
Kindagym is $5.50 Fun Gym is $8.25 Skills Class is $13.50.
Fun Gym and kinda gym are flexible and you can just come whenever you feel like it and pay at reception. Skills class needs to be booked and paid monthly.

The Hobart Natural Learners Co-op – Taroona
A group bringing together home educating families in the greater Hobart area who follow a natural learning, relaxed homeschooling or unschooling path.  A co-operative group of active members within the group meet regularly to share in activities and provide real-life support and community for our families.

Meets are somewhat relaxed, but we usually undertake an activity of some sort. Members are invited to take turns to share or lead an activity or experience with other families there. Children are also encouraged to set and lead activities. Sometimes we meet with no particular activity in mind and see where the day leads us… We also have a small patch of our own at the local neighbourhood garden that families are encouraged to tend and share in the rewards!

Membership costs $30 per family per season, to be paid up front, or casual visits are $4 per family. It is intended that regular members attend most weeks and become part of and contribute to our co-op community. Fees cover venue hire and our community garden membership. Specialty organised workshops may incur an additional fee. All meets are covered by insurance.

Families currently attending have children of a range of ages from babies through to grade 7, although all ages are warmly welcome. We encourage you to come along, bring your lunch and enjoy a cuppa, a chat and a play!

Cygnet Park Meet

Huon Valley Homeschoolers 
We are a group of homeschoolers in ‘The Huon Area ‘.  We get together on the last Friday of every month from 11am until 3pm.  We meet at the Ranelagh Showground (very easy to find , you can even Google map it to make it really easy). There is a big hall for keeping toddlers in and for rainy days, an adjoining kitchen for tea making, a large oval for playing and games, a cricket net and large bitumen area for scooters and roller blades, etc. The children can bring their bikes, scooters, balls, cricket bats etc. Our children range from 1 week to 16 plus. We mums drink far too much tea and catch up on home school chit chat. We have a few boxes of books which we share and exchange. If you are interested in an informal, unstructured, social day for you and your children, then you are welcome to come along. We contribute $5 per family towards hall hire and power costs (this can be negotiable).

Derwent Valley Homies
This group is for anyone and everyone who is either homeschooling or considering homeschool. We meet socially each fortnight, with a stack of kids ranging from Crawlers to Teens.  We meet at Tynwald Park, New Norfolk at 2pm. This group can also be to post other gatherings, co-op ideas or anything relevant for the Homeschooling community in the Derwent Valley.

Huon Natural Learners – Geeveston

Home Education Southern Tasmania Facebook Group
This closed group is a great place to share resources, discuss ideas, gain support with difficulties, and arrange meet-ups. We welcome any home educators in the Southern Tasmanian region, including those planning to move here or seriously considering homeschooling and wanting to ask questions and gain support. All requests are screened so that members feel free to share openly in the group, so please check your “others” folder for my response.

South East Home Educators
Sorell to Tasman – local gatherings and activities. We had two gatherings in Bream Creek last year (2016) with 12 families attending the second one and another six families who would have liked to come but couldn’t make it. We have all ages of children, including teenagers.

Launceston Home Ed Group
Time: Most activities are held on Wednesdays though times vary depending on activity and venue. When the venue is St Catherine’s Hall, we usually start activities between 12.30 – 1.00 with clean up at 2.45pm.

Cost: We try to keep all activities at a minimal cost. When we meet at St Catherine’s Hall, we pay $3 per family to cover hall hire. If there is any surplus money on these days, it will go into the kitty and be used to pay for materials (e.g. art supplies) or to subsidise some other activities where possible.

Insurance: We are insured as a group under the Home Education Network (HEN). This means our group is insured for damage to the hall, which is a council requirement for our use of the hall. You are welcome to sign up individually if you wish. HEN publish a quarterly magazine called Otherways, which is informative on all sorts of Home Education issues and ideas. See HEN website for more details.

HELMETS – Home Educators, Learning, Meeting, Enjoying Time Socially 
A Launceston-based home educators’ social group.  We meet on Thursday afternoons at 1:30pm for a play, an outing or a tour of interesting places (we have visited Historic Franklin House, Pearn’s Steam world in Westbury, Fairfax Media and others, as well as lots of park plays).  The group is designed to be casual, friendly, and to provide support and social time to the parents as well as fun for the children. We have mostly preschool and primary age children, but are open to all. We are currently alternating a casual play meet with an outing/tour.

North-West Home Educators Group – Devonport – Burnie

Out of Home Schoolers – Wynyard and broader NW 

Mole Creek Home Educators

North West Tas Home School Group
The group meets on a Friday using a term program for a combination of free play, organised tours and activities.  Activities such as PCYC and swimming are also arranged for the group on various days. The group welcomes all ages.

Sheffield Mountain Learners Kentish Home Educators
We currently meet fortnightly on Mondays 10.30 am – 2.00 pm-ish.  We meet at the Community Gardens where we have several beds in which we are growing vegetables, flowers and pumpkins. The Gardens are alongside the bike park, BBQ and Mural Park so is proving to be an ideal venue with the children pottering in the Gardens, playing in the park, rollerblading and bike riding on the bike park, with toilets nearby at Mural Park.  We are a small group of about 6 regular families and 4 others who come when they can. We are a welcoming and diverse gathering, and Alison and I are both happy to talk with anyone who may be interested.

Waldorf Steiner HENS – Home Education Networks and Parenting Australia – Meet-ups and Facebook

Tasmanian Home Learning Facebook Group

Oak Meadow Southern Hemisphere Community
This community space grew out of the desire for those working with the Oak Meadow curriculum, in the Southern Hemisphere, to be able to talk with other parents who were in sync with their own school year, seasons and country.  Search on facebook.

Homeschool Australia
A closed support group for those currently (or just about to start) home educating school aged children (preschool age and over) in Australia.  Occasionally special deals are organised by members e.g. special rates for online educational websites such as Maths Online.

For contact information, please call THEAC on 63345381.

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HEAHome Education Association Inc Australia The HEA is non-profit volunteer association that was formed in April 2001 to support, encourage and promote the practice of home educating in Australia and to provide members with benefits which would be difficult to obtain by individuals or smaller groups.

Becoming a member of the association is one way in which you can support this Australia-wide initiative to promote the practice of home education and gain access to many benefits that might otherwise be unobtainable.


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