directions.jpg.w300h200Choosing a Curriculum? There are many styles of programs, ranging from structured to natural learning.

Every family is individual which means their home education program is individual as well. It takes time to work out which style suits your family or your child, and families often try different styles before settling on one which suits them.


richardsonjessietree• Structured learning usually involves an outline of work to complete each year, workbooks and materials provided, and some organizations offer support and guidance in the children’s learning.

• Natural learning usually involves informal learning, child initiated, incidental, and delight directed learning. It is learning by absorbing information from life experiences and day to day living, rather than structured lessons.

• Semi-formal learning is a combination of the two, where families will often complete structured learning (workbooks, shared learning with parents) in literacy and numeracy, and the rest of the day is devoted to natural learning experiences e.g. excursions, volunteer work, science experiments, art/craft.

Families are free to choose from a wide variety of resources, commercial programs, online resources, and curriculum materials, in line with their educational values and beliefs.

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