Getting Started

So you’ve decided you want to find out more about home education and how to go about it?

1. What is “Home Education”?

Home Education occurs when parent/guardian/s conduct their children’s learning program from the home base. While they may buy or borrow curriculum materials or learning resources, the responsibility for planning and implementing the educational program rests with the home educator. It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to

  • devise:  determine what program/material/resources/curriculum you intend using;

implement:  obtain materials and put a program in place;
  • evaluate:  change the program to suit the child’s changing needs.


2. You’ll need to investigate and make some decisions about Curriculum

There are many styles of programs, ranging from highly structured to natural learning.

Every family is individual which means their home education program is individual as well. It may take time to work out which style suits your family or your child… (learn more)

3. Find out more from Resources, Support, THEAC Information Sessions

There are many places to access resources or curriculum…(learn more)

4. Learn more about the Registration Process then download or request our Application Kit.

IMG_2831.JPG5. Once you have registered:

•    Support is available from home educating networks – details are available in THEAC newsletters.

•    You have the option of accessing eSchool materials.

•    You have access to the Scootle website (Department of Education online reference and resource library) through TASITE (Tasmanian Society for Information Technology in Education).