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rebeccaRebecca Jenkins, Home Educator Nominee – Chair

Hello everyone and welcome to The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council. I have been a council member since early 2015 and took up the role of Chair in August 2016. I have three incredible daughters that my husband and I have educated at home for the past seven years. Having experienced the tremendous benefits to children and families, we are very passionate about home education and it’s future. We use an eclectic mix of this and that, tailoring the program to suit the growing needs of our girls.  Professionally my background is in education and family support and I hold qualifications in teaching and counselling.

amanda bartleAmanda Bartle, Home Educator Nominee – Deputy Chair

My husband and I have been involved in home education for twenty- two years.   During that time I have been the primary educator. After meeting children of ‘home educators’ I was amazed at their confidence, both academically and socially. I started the journey after our first child turned four. Now, after seven children I am even more convinced that home education is an amazing and exciting alternative.  Four of our children have completed their home education program and have gone on to work and further education. One is enrolled in a school and two children are currently studying at home. It is such a joy to see them grow and develop.  Home education has become more visible in our communities and more families are taking up the challenge. Having experienced the success and benefits of home education I like to encourage families to consider the possibility of home education. As a THEAC member I welcome this opportunity to promote and support home education in Tasmania.


Faith Dickers, Ministerial Nominee

My husband, John and I home educate out three daughters.  This continues to provide many learning opportunities to share as a family.  It is wonderful to watch the children grow and develop and to be so closely involved i tis process.  I also have a background in primary teaching and have worked in the education field with children aged 3 – 13 for many years.  I love gardening and enjoying growing food for the family.


jan deethJan Deeth, Home Educator Nominee

My husband, Simon and I have been home educating our six children (who are now adults) since 1996. Our home-ed journey has had its usual highs and lows, its successes and failures, but we are thrilled with the outcome – six wonderful people who are a pleasure to know, who are interested in life and people in it, and who are able to think outside the box. I am passionate to keep home education legal and viable for those people who wish to pursue that option.  Apart from my family, the other loves in my life are my cello – which I started to learn as an adult and which has resulted in the whole family taking up stringed instruments and playing in the local community orchestra; and living in Tasmania – with all the freedoms and joys that being in such a beautiful landscape brings.

anne-frenchAnne French, Ministerial Nominee

I am very happy to be back on Council. From 2005 until 2011 I was the Ministerial rep on Council and during those years I learnt much about the home education community and the many ways in which home educators approach their task. I believe home education plays a very important role in the education of Tasmanian children. I retired from the Department of Education in 2012 and since then have been a very busy retiree. Rupert and I have two young granddaughters. I spend a lot of time with them, and love gardening, cooking and reading. We also enjoy the outdoors, day-walking in the bush and boating.



Colleen Crawford, Ministerial Nomine 

I began my teaching career with the Department of Education in 1977.  I have taught in a range of school both in Hobart and on the sunny East Coast.  My experience spans a wide age range from Kindergarten to Grade 10, including teaching Home Economics and Japanese.  I also spent six months teaching in Japan.  I have had a number of leadership positions in schools prior to moving into the role of Support Teacher in Support Services then undertaking the roles of Physical Impairment Coordinator, Teacher Learning Support Leader and then Special Education Advisor.  I am currently the Manager, State Support Service with the Department of Education.  I am married to Scott and we have three children; Bianca, Jacob and Adele.  We have two granddaughters.  I love to cook, read and spend time at our shack at Little Swanport where we walk on the beautiful beaches and enjoy rising in our boat.  We have a very naughty two year old German Shepherd – maggie, who rules the roost!

Suze-1.jpg.w180h241Suzanne Pennicott-Jones, Ministerial Nominee – DoE Representative

I have 23 years of classroom teaching and school principal experience across the educational spectrum, from early childhood teaching to University lecturing.  I have spent the past nine years in educational administration and currently work in Strategic Policy and Planning as a Principal Policy Analyst in the portfolio of Early Years and Schools.  I am married to Andrew, I have three adult children, Christopher, Rebecca and Isobel and I am about to become a grandmother.  I enjoy cooking, reading, writing and studying.  Other hobbies and interests include learning to play golf, renovating our home and vintage car rallies.

Monitoring Officers

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THEAC also employs a Manager, Administration Officer and Administration Support Officer.


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