What is THEAC?

The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council was established in 1993 to advise the Minister for Education and the general public on matters to do with home education and to register and monitor individual home education programs.

The Council is not part of the Department of Education, it is an independent advisory council established and therefore directly responsible to the Minister under the Education Act provisions relating to Advisory Councils.

THEAC provides a reference point for queries, responds to community concerns and maintains liaison with other agencies about home education.

THEAC is made up of seven voluntary members, three of whom are nominated by home educators, and four appointed by the Minister from the wider Tasmanian community.

Meet the THEAC Council and Staff here.

THEAC Believes Ggirl.jpg.w300h200

All children are entitled to receive an education that enables them to reach their potential, including children who are being home educated
•    Home education is an educational option for many children.
•    Home education should continue to be recognised and supported as a legitimate option for education in Tasmania.
•    All matters relating to individual circumstances of home educators should be maintained in accordance with the requirements of privacy legislation.
•    Monitoring should be unobtrusive and sensitive to differing beliefs and practices, and be undertaken in a spirit of collaboration, support and assistance.
•    Home educating parents/guardians should be free to choose from a wide variety of resources, commercial programs and curriculum materials in line with their educational values and beliefs.
•    THEAC should not favour any particular home education program or curriculum materials.
•    THEAC should maintain its independence from the Department of Education, and from any other government agency or non-government affiliation, and be directly responsible to the Minister.